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Serve customers better while improving behind-the-scenes operations


Consumers are likely to switch retail stores after experiencing out-of-stock items just two or three times

Retailers of all types—mass merchandisers, department stores, specialty stores or general merchandisers—face increasing competition, shrinking margins, a stronger demand for better customer service and more accurate inventory management. If inventory is out of stock, customer satisfaction and loyalty are at risk. 

Product availability is a significant factor in customer satisfaction and loyalty.  More efficient mobile solutions allow you to improve accuracy for better customer service, while real-time inventory management reduces out-of-stock situations, inventory loss and improves profitability.

From the front-line employees working with customers, to warehouse operations and inventory, mobility can smooth the entire retail process.  With automatic data collection and management, you can increase productivity and streamline processes throughout your retail operations—from the front door to the back:

  • Increase and protect profitability
  • Enhance customer service—and increase sales
  • Improve inventory management with more timely reordering of the right products
  • Prevent costly out-of-stocks and lost sales
  • Increase inventory turns to improve product offering and reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Restock the retail floor quickly and efficiently
  • Accelerate sales of seasonal items and compete with competitor promotional campaigns with prompt markdowns
  • Place inventory orders automatically at specified low-stock levels, without associate intervention
  • Accelerate training of store associates

Mobility in retailing lets you manage your associates' time and productivity

  • Get your managers, clerks and supervisors out from behind desks and onto the sales floor—the best place they can be for your customers
  • Simplify processes—Ticket, shelf and item-level labeling (and relabeling) can be simplified dramatically with mobile computers and mobile printers.  Associates spend less time on tasks and fewer out-of-stock situations reduce costs
  • Embrace flexibility—with automatic data collection, you can combining pricing and promotion functions like auditing, markdowns, clearance, and relabeling, all while eliminating pricing errors that cost you money
  • Improve customer service—reduce the amount of time your customers stand in line, especially during peak periods.  Less waiting means less customer frustration
  • Enhance customer service and empower your associates on the selling floor and in the warehouse by adding voice to your devices—without cellular contracts or coverage issues. (link to Retail VoWLAN pg)
  • Maximize sales opportunities and ensure product availability with RFID solutions for retail


Limited visibility of warehouse inventory leads to inadequate stocking levels, which translates into missed opportunities and lost sales.  Conversely, overstocking and obsolete inventory leads to excessive capital requirements that can reduce profitability.  Scanning, on-the-spot labeling, price auditing, markdowns and promotion execution are some of the inventory management applications retailers can run more efficiently using mobile technology.  

BarCode Solution Systems specializes in mobility solutions and inventory management solutions for retail.  Using powerful, easy-to-use mobile computers, wireless infrastructure, mobile printers and inventory management software, we can help you control your store and warehouse inventory—so they don't control you.


Improve inventory accuracy, management and visibility

Maintaining accurate inventory is at the heart of retailing.  An accurate, real-time view of inventory is imperative for meeting sales goals, preserving margins, and meeting the expectations of your customers.  With automatic data collection and management tools from BarCode Solution Systems, you can monitor inventory levels, increase and protect profitability, enhance customer service — and increase sales.

Accurate inventory management will allow you to:

  • Ensure more timely re-ordering of the right products to prevent costly out-of-stocks—and lost sales
  • Access accurate and timely information about what you received, when you received it and what shape it was in
  • Increase inventory turns to improve your product offering, yet reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Reduce inventory loss and improve profitability
  • Promptly restock products on the retail floor, ensuring that your customers can quickly and easily find what they need on your shelves
  • Make prompt markdowns to increase sales of seasonal and other items, as well as compete with competitor promotional campaigns
  • Improve accuracy of your pricing for improved customer service
  • Minimize disruptions to the sales process

Is your retail operation as accurate and efficient as it could be? Call BarCode Solution Systems today to schedule a free needs analysis.  We can take your store—and your profits—to a whole new level.


RFID in Retail

Retail Cooler Mobile Printing


White Paper: Integrated mobile technology can reduce price marking costs 25-40%


Fast Fact 

Retail mobility enables significant customer-facing improvements:

  • Line busting (pre-scanning a customer's items for checkout as they wait in line) has been shown to increase sales by 1%
  • Mobile payment modules let associates help credit card customers bypass checkout lines all together
  • Empower customers for bridal and baby gift registries—equip customers with mobile computers and eliminate time-consuming associate interaction

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