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GF3040HL RF label

GF3040HL RF label
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Tem mềm GF3040HL RF

GF3040HL RF label
  • Antenna Size(MDxTD):
    31x39mm (1.24"x1.56")
  • Label Thinkness:
  • Resonan Frequency:
  • Average Effective Signal Volume:
    900 cm³
  • Average Quality Factor:
  • Deactivation Sensitivity:
  • Adhesive:
    hot melt adhesive
  • No. Splices:
    1 maximum
  • Test:
    Tested by IDH
Product introduction


EAS RF Label (Electronic Article Surveillance, Radio Frequency) is good and popular security solution / Shrink management solutions to prevent shrink and ideal solution for source tagging since of its paper thin and can meet high speed application.

In retails industry, almost all types of products can be protected by RF Label. Such as clothing, perfume, cosmetics, house linens, decorative articles, beverages, electronic products, multimedia.

And nowadays, with increasingly competitive, retailers must keep up enough rapid to remain competitive. In order to keeping and increasing competition, more and more retails asked manufacturers supply more perfect products and service.

If merchandise could be included EAS protection already when retails get merchandise at store, it has seen a significant increasing retail profits dramatically with faster turnaround, economy labor cost and open shelved merchandising shrinkage from shoplifting and internal theft after using EAS labeling source tagging solutions.

So that is the trend that more and more big chain and retailers work with the manufacturers on source tagging solutions, ensuring that products are shelf-ready and under protected when they reach the store.

Century’s source tagging program promotes sustainability for retailers, manufacturers and packagers in a variety of ways. RF Label similar as smaller Enhanced Performance (EP) labels. Almost all product lines are suitable protected by RF Label as the global retail theft barometer shows lines.

Global Retail Theft Barometer 2010 Highlights Highest shrink found in:

Apparel high-risk product lines:accessories and children's wear

Grocery high-risk product lines: fresh meat and luxury cooked meat

Health and Beauty high-risk product lines: shaving products and perfumes/fragrance

Century RF Label Advantage:

Paper thin label

Multiple labels

Small label

High speed application

Protect without altering the products image and appearance (concealed protection)

Faster through-out at POS due to excellent sensitivity strength




P.S:EAS RF Label is also possibly called EAS Label, RF Label, Source Tagging, RF Soft Label, EAS Soft Label, Soft Label, Security Label, EAS Security Label, Garment Label, Apparel Tags, Apparel Labels, Ticket Label, Hangtag Labels, Source Tag, EAS Tag, Woven Labels, Care Labels, Care and Content Labels, Fabric Labels, Integrated Labels,checkpoint ep labels, Hanging tags, price tags and so on in industry. It is similar as Checkpoint Enhanced Performance (EP) label.

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